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Throughout my research, field engagement and further project development I've found these resources to be helpful. 

Indigenous people to follow 

Ethnobotanists, chefs, activists

Robin Wall Kimmerer (Citizen Potawatomi): professor, writer; ethnobotanist. Books Braiding Sweetgrass, Gathering Moss; any short essays 

Rosalyn LaPier (Blackfeet); professor, writer ethnobotanist.Blackfeet names of Plants used by the Blackfeet”, 

Sean Sherman (Sioux); Chef and food activist. The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen (cookbook), and website

Valerie Seagrest (Muckleshoot): food sovereignty advocate, writer, native nutritionist

See her various articles and Ted Talk

Plant Information & Identification 

Books and websites useful for identifying plants in the Northwest Rockies

Botany in a day: Thomas J. Elpel 

Plants of the Rocky Mountains and Edible & Medicinal Plants of the Rockies: Linda Kershaw

Food Plants of Interior First Peoples: Nancy Turner (and additional texts) 

437 Edible Wild Plants of the Rocky Mountain West: Caleb Warnock

Mountain States Medicinal Plants: Briana Wiles 

Manual of Montana Vascular Plants: Peter Lesica

Montana field guide

Center for Native Plants,

Montana Native Plant Society


Are usually accurate but need good photographs and sometimes cannot ID plants


When I'm in a new place, I like to use Seek by iNaturalist! It's a pretty good app, may take a few tries to get the right photo for ID but it also has capabilities for bugs, animals, and fungi! 
​Other plant ID apps include: 




Picture This

By the Author 

For more interactive teaching and presentations on Traditional Food Plants here are some links to presentations, articles, and more in-depth resources from the author

Master's thesis: "Recovering our Roots: The Importance of Salish Ethnobotanical Knowledge and Traditional Food Systems to Community Wellbeing on the Flathead Indian Reservation in Montana"


Montana Indian Education For All Ethnobotany web series (encourage to watch all episodes!) 

Ethnobotany presentation with Swan Valley Connections


Stories for Action podcast

Science with Friends! Pocast


Food Sovereignty in the Pandemic the Missoula Current

Reconnection with Our Plant Relatives Swan Valley Connections spring newsletter (2021)

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