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About Us

The Salish Plant Society bridges culture and science to highlight the botanical and indigenous aspects of the traditional food plants of the Bitterroot Salish tribe of Montana.

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What you'll find

With the goal of education and positive reconnection with our plant relatives the SPS covers these topics and educational components in the Informational Blog Posts.


Traditional Ecological Knowledge

Indigenous Ethnobotany

Food Sovereignty 

Seasonal Round


Botany Terms

Foraging 101

Field Notes

How to use this site


The plants most recently in season will be featured on the home page while all seasonal plants can be found on the Sqelix̣ʷ sʔiłn page. As the seasons progress each plant featured on this page will receive a Plant Profile in the blog section. Each profile will include plant identification, habitat, seasonality, Salish name, harvesting methods, traditional ecological knowledge and more! 

As the site develops I hope to add more based on audience input through forums and the FAQ's I receive.

All plant/landscape photos are my own and our logo was designed by Phylicia McDonald (Salish) of Art at Garden Wall  




This site is first and foremost for the use of the Salish people and related bands. It is also for folks that are interested in learning about Indigenous Ethnobotany. Overall it is to encourage positive interaction with our traditional food plant relatives. This must always be done in a good way. Please read the Grateful Harvest section to understand the ways that we can honor our plant relatives and do well by the Salish. 

If we abuse our plant relatives they will turn away from us

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